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Human Factors Engineer

Post by Lars-Ola » 2014-Nov-18 11:56

ErgoS Human Factors Engineering has a vacancy for a
Human Factors Engineer
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ErgoS HF Engineering is an all round consultancy, design and engineering company, located in Enschede, The Netherlands. Our activities outside the Netherlands are growing rapidly. Major projects concern process industries, oil & gas, off-shore/maritime industries, as well as (rail) traffic control. Our design experience is in control centre design, ships bridge design, and production lines. See for some background our general website and specific websites on maritime ergonomics, airport ergonomics, and control centres.

If you are convinced that your knowledge, experience and ambition matches our activities, we would like to get to know you. Do we have a match, looking at some of our requirements?
- good understanding of system ergonomics and applying ergonomics in industrial projects
- background in industrial design or relevant engineering disciplines
- competences in 3D-design/modelling of work areas, control rooms (we are looking for production design, not necessarily product design)
- your ambition includes registration as professional ergonomist (CREEregister).

ErgoS HF Engineering is a small company. We don't have formal application procedures. At the start, you will be mainly working in the Netherlands on a project basis, however we are aiming for extending our activities to Scandinavia.
To be honest, it will be an adventure: it will be our first application from abroad and we are not certain that we are able to acquire projects in Sweden and Norway.

Interested? Please send us a curriculum vitae and portfolio. It is helpful, if you can add a short essay on your ambitions and expectations regarding a job as HF Engineer, and working in the Netherlands for some period of time. If you succeed in getting our interest, we will organize further contacts.
ErgoS HF Engineering has a close contact with Lars-Ola Bligård, Product and Production Development at Chalmers University of Technology. We suggest to contact Lars-Ola if you are interested in our vacancy. Of course, you may also contact us directly,

Ruud Pikaar Eur.Erg.
Managing Director

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