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Post by Lars-Ola » 2016-Jun-20 15:39

PhD student position in Digitalisation of freight transport management from a human factors perspective

https://web103.reachmee.com/ext/I003/30 ... ob_id=4188

By involving a number of key stakeholders, the Ph.D. candidate is expected to conduct research that aims to contribute to the creation of a digital eco-system that can be used by companies in the European freight industry. More specifically the Ph.D. candidate is to address questions re user requirements and prerequisites for user acceptance and adoption of new technical solutions. The research will be carried out in collaboration with a Ph.D. candidate from the Division Service Management and Logistics at Chalmers. Focus is on information sharing between actors in supply chains, both regarding the collection and digitalisation of data as well as the exploitation of data using digital technology. Impact evaluation of new solutions will be an important task. The research will be closely connected to a large EU project in the area of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) with cases and partners from several countries. The research will be carried out in close relation to two Swedish "Living Labs" of two terminals and with possibilities to also include up to nine other Living Labs that are part of the same project. The Living Labs can be seen as complex socio-technical systems where cognitive work analysis can be applied. The design approach Living Labs will be further investigated and developed during the project life.

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