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Kontrollrum och kontrollrumsarbete

Posted: 2014-May-18 22:12
by Lars-Ola
Life as an Energy Control Center Operator (ECCO) ... rator-ecco
This short paper will show you why Energy Control Center Operators (ECCO) are key for keeping the lights on. This paper will shed some light with respect to the importance of what they do and how their job is unique. After reading this paper, you should look at ECCOs in a different way.

What Does an Energy Control Center Operator (ECCO) Do? ... or-ecco-do
What is the relationship between Jarvis in Iron Man/the operator in The Matrix and the Energy Control Center Operator (ECCO)? Belive it or not, there are a lot of similarities.This blog explains what an ECCO does on a regular basis. You will be surprised how much stuff the operator has to do during normal and emergency conditions and how serious some of these responsibilities are. The previous blog showed how the ECCO is the guardian of the electric grid, now you will understand what the operator does in more details.