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The Psychology Of Fear: How Tough Mudder Designs Obstacles T

Posted: 2015-Jan-16 00:49
by Lars-Ola
The Psychology Of Fear: How Tough Mudder Designs Obstacles To Torture You ... orture-you

"Run through a field of live wires that sure as hell don't tickle," Tough Mudder writes on its YouTube Channel. "Watch out for hay bales and deep sinkholes, or you will face-plant into some electrifying mud. Some Mudders℠ try to stealthily wind their way through the wires, while others barrel forward to get through as quickly as possible. Just keep your eye on the prize: this is the last obstacle you face before you cross the finish line."

‘We need the iPhone of guns’: Will smart guns transform the

Posted: 2014-Feb-24 23:37
by Lars-Ola
‘We need the iPhone of guns’: Will smart guns transform the gun industry? ... story.html

One of California’s largest firearm stores recently added a peculiar new gun to its shelves. It requires an accessory: a black waterproof watch.

The watch’s primary purpose is not to provide accurate time, though it does. The watch makes the gun think. Electronic chips inside the gun and the watch communicate with each other. If the watch is within close reach of the gun, a light on the grip turns green. Fire away. No watch means no green light. The gun becomes a paperweight.

Ergonomics of dishonesty. How desk size influences behaviour

Posted: 2013-Jul-04 20:11
by Lars-Ola
Ergonomics of dishonesty. How desk size influences behaviour ... _253758081

"The influence the design and layout of the workplace can have on productivity is widely acknowledged. Now, according to a new scientific study expansive physical settings like having a big desk to stretch out at work can cause individuals to feel more powerful, and in turn these feelings of power can elicit more dishonest behaviour such as stealing, cheating, and traffic violations. This might sound far-fetched but The Ergonomics of Dishonesty was written by a group of researchers at leading business schools, including Harvard, Columbia and Berkeley and is soon to be published in a forthcoming issue of the journal Psychological Science. Co-author Andy Yap, explained: “Our research shows that office managers should pay attention to the ergonomics of their workspaces. The results suggest that these physical spaces have tangible and real-world impact on our behaviours.”"

HFE och etik/moral

Posted: 2013-Jun-02 22:09
by Lars-Ola
User Experience’s Dark Side Raises Ethical Stakes ... _245505765

"During the heady early days of user experience, many of us who leapt into the field felt much like the Jedi, the famed knights of Star Wars who used the Force to protect peace and justice. We were committed to bringing forth the principles and best practices of user experience that created intuitive interfaces. We strove to make the users’ experiences better, clearer, even to the point of being ‘seamless’ – the ultimate expression of an interface that not only gives the users what they want, but gives them what they need without them ever seeing how it happens."